Hilo SeniorTech  - Computer & Technology Classes for Seniors
 The following class descriptions are for Windows computers only; we also teach Mac classes which are described at the bottom of the page.

Note:  All classes are 6 hours taught as either 2 hours over 3 days or 3 hours over 2 days.

 Ø COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS 1: Aileen Obina teaches Windows 10 computer basics: turning it off and on, saving your work and finding it again.  Basic mouse skills are taught using an interactive website.  Prerequisite: none.
Ø COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS 2 : Without the previous class that emphasizes mouse skills, most beginners will find this course too advanced.  The basics covered in Fundamentals 1 are reviewed in the first lesson but relatively quickly.  Greg Navarro shows more advanced students how to create folders on your desktop, how to personalize your computer, how to save to a flash drive. 
Prerequisite:  mouse skills.
Ø BASIC WORD PROCESSING: This is not a typing class!  Program taught is Microsoft Word 2019 (which is part of Microsoft Office Suite).  Susan Labrenz will show you how to move your words around on a digital sheet of paper, insert a picture and print catchy invitations or posters.  Prerequisite:  mouse skills & basic computer knowledge.
Ø INTERNET & EMAIL: Greg Navarro covers the basics of how to stay safe while surfing the internet and how to email and forward emails to each other.  Prerequisite:  mouse skills and basic computer knowledge.
Ø EXCEL SPREADSHEET 1 & 2: EXCEL 1---Number crunching.  Program taught is Excel 2019.  You will learn how to use your computer like a calculator by creating formulas which tell it add, subtract, multiply, divide---in a nanosecond!  You will also learn how to create pie charts and bar charts from a table of figures you create. Prerequisite: mouse skills, basic computer knowledge. 
EXCEL 2---More advanced spreadsheet formulas and procedures.   Prerequisite:  Excel 1 or equivalent experience.  

 Are you a Apple lover?  We have classes just for you taught by  Terri Powell and Greg Navarro.


 Ø MAC:  Terri Powell will cover Mac OS (operating system) basics such as the dock, menus, icons, the finder and the launcher---no matter which version of OS X you are using.  Learn how to open and quit applications properly while you create a text document and practice basic editing skills.  Explore the internet, communicate with family and friends and learn where to save photos with applications already installed on your Mac.  Bring your own laptop if you have one.  It is highly recommended that you bring your Apple ID and know your password.


Ø iPADS 1, 2 :  More than 360 million iPads have sold since they debuted in 2010 and there are now more than 2 million apps that will run on Apple's mobile devices. 
In iPad 1 Terri Powell will cover the basics of using an iPad. The iPad is a great computer for seniors. This class is for people who are new to the iPad or want a refresher on the basics.  We'll cover the features of your device, the touch gestures to use and more.  Hands on practice to help you get comfortable with your iPad.  The pace of this class can be slow if we want a lot of practice to feel at ease with the iPad.  If you are already comfortable with the basics consider taking the iPad 2 class instead.  Please bring your iPad to class as we don't have any.  Bring your Apple ID and password.
In iPad 2 Terri  will show you how to have even more fun with your iPad, a more in-depth look at the apps that came with your iPad, more hands-on practice, more tips and how to get more apps to expand the capabilities of your iPad.  This class is for people who are already comfortable using their device, but want MORE!  We'll move a little quicker and cover a lot, but it can be tailored to what you want to know and learn.  Please bring your iPad to class as we don't have any.  Bring your Apple ID and password.

Ø iPHONE 1&2:   Greg Navarro teaches iPhone 1.  In this exciting class he will show you the many ways you can use your iPhone in addition to calling someone.  You can text, FaceTime, email, get driving directions using Maps, take pictures, listen to music, download and read books, etc. etc.  Please bring your iPhone to class along with your Apple ID and password. 
In iPhone 2 Terri will show you how to change your ring tones to identify the caller, how to use your iPhone as a camera, a flashlight and a timer, as well a lot of great free apps to download.  It doesn't matter which version of iPhone you have, you will be sure to learn something new!  Please bring your iPhone to class along with your Apple ID and password.